Marketing for SaaS companies


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As a SaaS company, there is no dearth of competition you will face. It is, after all, a popular business model. Is there anything you can do to stand out from your competition? How do you ensure that your marketing program is yielding a result?

Simple formula for SaaS Marketing

SaaS Marketing = Content + Customer Centric Programs + Enhanced User Exp

Marketing for SaaS companies has to be looked from a different view point. SaaS marketing is majorly driven by what your buyer persona wants and when they want and how they prefer to be served.

The question which every SaaS marketer faces is – ‘how do you develop content-driven marketing programs which will talk your buyer persona’s language?’

As an expert in SaaS marketing, we are here to help you understand, develop and implement marketing strategies that focus on two things:

  1.    Producing content aligned to your buyer persona need and wants
  2.    Delivering results that have a positive impact on your bottom-line


Content Marketing Is The Only Marketing Left  – Seth Godin

Understanding why Content Marketing for SaaS Companies is the key to success

The primary agenda of a SaaS marketer should be to build a scalable content marketing campaign that feeds your pipeline and keeps it growing. For SaaS companies content needs to be geared more towards establishing the company’s authority in its industry, so that it is recognized as a leading voice. This helps it carve a place for itself in the industry, helping it stand out from its peers.

In SaaS, ‘CONTENT (coupled with ‘customer first’ approach) IS YOUR MOST EFFECTIVE SALES GUY’

What you need, in order to execute a successful content marketing campaign, is to partner with a content strategist or an expert that not only understands your business objectives but has past experience in executing a successful content plan and generating positive numbers that help you scale your business.

Creating content is half the battle won in SaaS Marketing

As your content marketing agency of choice we keep in mind that before starting a content marketing campaign, we identify the customer journey, the buyer personas and the sales cycle. This ensures that we help you develop and distribute proper and relevant content, ensuring you get a positive ROI.
For SaaS companies, content marketing plan needs to be created keeping in mind the nature of its business. While the content itself is critical, the format in which that content is disseminated is important too. This is why, if you are a SaaS company, as a content marketing agency, we recommend the following forms of content to be developed:

  • Webinars
  • EBooks
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • ‘Any’ format to your buyer persona resonates with …


If you master the content distribution – You win the war

While marketing for a SaaS company the biggest question that arizes is, where does one distribute the content? The two most popular platforms that can be used, are social media (channels and forums) and email campaigns for marketing for SaaS companies.

When your company has a strong voice, it attracts followers that eventually turn into customers because you are giving something valuable to your audience – information as well as analysis of trends that help your audience make informed decisions. In short, proper distribution of content for a SaaS product results in:

  •    Brand awareness about your company and brand
  •    Lead generation to build and grow your pipeline
  •    Lead nurturing to move your prospects towards the bottom of the funnel
  •    Conversion of prospects into customers at low cost
  •    Using existing customers to advocate your brand

Content marketing for a SaaS company doesn’t work in a silo. In fact, it must align itself to several internal functions including strategy, product design, and the sales teams in order to ensure that everyone is on the same page and to drive revenue and profitability by running an integrated program.

Marketing for SaaS companies – Where to begin

When developing SaaS companies marketing plan, ask the following questions:

  •    Do your strategies support the various stages of the customer’s journey?
  •    Is the company’s audience at the center of each piece of the strategy?
  •    Does your strategy encapsulate multiple channels?

While working with successful SaaS businesses we have actually identified 70+ channels to market SaaS products and that’s just tip of the ice berg.

As the SaaS companies marketing plan is being developed it is important to capture the buyer persona accurately – their needs, desires, challenges; what the ideal solution looks like and how the company can help its prospects achieve their goals.

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