Our Customers

ESF8 Portal is a one-stop software solution for all your emergency needs. ESF 8 Portal was born after Hurricane Gustav in 2008. It was built based on the first-hand experiences of Louisiana's response to Katrina, Rita, Gustav, and Issac.

Unlock Insights based in Texas, USA provides detailed and adaptable analytics solutions to solve business challenges and help make better decisions to boost ROI.

ZipSchools provide customizable, manageable, user-friendly technology solutions and services for schools. They aim at being the most acceptable and complete management software solution provider for schools.


IVY Global Academy is an independent worldwide certification organization headquartered in Texas, USA. It offers the worldwide recognized IT certifications to achieve professional goals.

The main motto of ComTec is to provide a reliable, accessible, IT solutions and services to business and government. ComTec Solutions help their customers build unique value to the business. ComTec is two-decade old.

CDSI based in India aims to bring science to the concept of beauty. The organization caters to all the cosmetic dermatological needs of people across the globe. It works towards improving the looks and appearance of individuals in a scientific manner.