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7 Marketing Tools every Agency should have in their kitty

Do you know there are approximately 51 million small and medium-sized businesses in India alone?

With such a huge number like this, every small/ medium scale business owners are looking gamesmanship in this competitive market. If you happen to be the owner of the business, then you must be looking for strategies and effective marketing tools to bump up your business.

In today’s world, online presence is a must for every business to survive. You should keep yourself updated with every marketing tools to get that competitive edge you always desired.

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Must-Have Skills for B2B Marketing Success

While talking to a lot of prospective customers every day, the question we face, what are the must have skills for B2B marketing success? So we thought why not write in detail about it. So let’s look at the key skills required for a successful B2B marketing team.

1. The Google Guy

Don’t you want your website to be loved by google and shown up in top results every time people search? If Yes, then this skill set is supercritical. Google has changed the way people enquire or research about a particular product or service. In just one decade, search engines have made all the businesses of the world to have their presence online. As I am writing, there are more than

More than 1,172,969,033 websites are present on the web and is just multiplying every second. Click To Tweet

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Digital Marketing is not the ‘Genie out of lamp’

We all must have come across great stories about Alladin and his Genie. Whatever Alladin wishes, Genie fulfills. Great fairytale and I love those bedtime stories.

During my experience in technology marketing, I have come across few founders and marketers who think Digital Marketing as Genie and themselves Alladin :). When I started my journey, I was also thinking along the same lines but learned the hard way.

Digital Marketing cannot fulfill all your wishes instantly. It is not a Genie. Click To Tweet

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Fuel of Digital Marketing Growth Engine : Content

Most of us consume content from digital channels from early morning to late night. According to an infographic from The Word Pro 

In the first 60 seconds of your day, Facebook receives over 4 million likes. More than 2 million Instagram hearts turn red & more than 350,000 tweets. Every minute, 300 hours of video is uploaded to youtube & nearly 7 million snapchat videos.

For this reason, Content is probably the ‘buzz’ word in the digital marketing arena. Everything in Digital Marketing revolves around content because the customers consume and share content.

Now with such huge amount of data getting generated every minute, It is very critical and equally challenging to have your content be available to the right customers at the right time. Just understand and follow the below mentioned steps you will see wonderful results in just a few months.

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Which HAT are you wearing today?

I came across a wonderful blog from Seth Godin, which says that every individual wears one of the following three hats at their job. 

  1. Scientist: The Scientist does experiments. 
  2. Engineer: The Engineer builds things that work.
  3. Operations: The Operations Manager takes the handbook and executes on it.

 At Fractional CMO, we always think from the marketing perspective and while reading Seth’s blog, I was trying put these hats on the key roles in marketing and see what is the tasks each one these roles would undertake 

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7 Top Digital Marketing Technology Trends in 2017

2016 was big for digital marketing technologies. Many of the forecasted digital marketing technology trends for 2016 were practiced in full swing especially:

  1. Video marketing – Video being used for Facebook & Twitter ads, F8 introduced live video interactions and Google added video ads in-SERP
  2. Mobile marketing – more than 80 percent of internet users used smartphones
  3. Augment reality (remember Pokemon Go) and IoT paved a new ground for digital marketing

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