Who is a Marketing Technologist

Traditional marketing was all about fighting for the space to spread the word out about your brand. The marketing experts in the earlier days were more inclined towards having a strategy on being more creative in branding and generating more leads.

The rise of internet penetration in everyone’s life changed the way marketing functions and also created a new skill set altogether: the Marketing Technologist.

To put in simple words, Marketing Technologist is a merger of Marketer and a Techie to achieve the goals of marketing. It’s not only about being creative but also being able to convert the data into actionable insights for the next steps of marketing.

Technology has brought disruption in the marketing industry. According to a report by Chiefmartech.com

 “There are more than 3500 technology driven products out there in the market trying to help the businesses achieve their marketing goals. This is a growth of more than 2300% in just last 5 years.”

-Scott Brinker, CEO – Chiefmartec.com

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Why We Started Fractional CMO

I have been into technology marketing for over a decade. Many times, I have been asked ‘what’s your role in your company’ and the answer which I consistently give in last few years has been “I learn and practice MarTech”.

The last couple of months me and my co-founder where pondering on this thought that every start-up needs’ a marketing team but may not have one. We came up with the following reasons

  • Start-ups focus on Product, Sales & Support first, ‘Marketing can wait’
  • Budget needs to be allocated to Product/Service development vs marketing
  • Steep learning curve w.r.t marketing

There are many other reasons but these are my top most, due to which I feel start-ups should think of getting help from a marketing partner.

With our love for MarTech and seeing marketing needs of start-ups, we launched Fractional CMO. 
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