Marketing Operations : In House or Outsource?

After we published our blog: “My Digital Marketing isn’t working”, we received few queries from CEOs and CMOs and found a common thread in all the queries is, I now understand the importance of Marketing Operations, now what next? Is Marketing Operations really a full-time activity?

Bang on. This question made me write this post.

Should Marketing Operation be outsourced?

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7 Top Digital Marketing Technology Trends in 2017

2016 was big for digital marketing technologies. Many of the forecasted digital marketing technology trends for 2016 were practiced in full swing especially:

  1. Video marketing – Video being used for Facebook & Twitter ads, F8 introduced live video interactions and Google added video ads in-SERP
  2. Mobile marketing – more than 80 percent of internet users used smartphones
  3. Augment reality (remember Pokemon Go) and IoT paved a new ground for digital marketing

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My Digital Marketing Isn’t Working

While you are reading this, I can imagine you thinking, I have done everything right in my digital marketing strategy including using great marketing tools but then the results are not showing up.

Don’t worry, you are not the only one, a lot of Founders, CEOs’ and Marketing heads have the same worry running in their minds.

As businesses, we are currently in the most challenging times, the customer behaviour is changing very dynamically. There are a plethora of products and services coming in the market every day and the customer has lots of choices.

This is one of those golden eras for customers, where supply is more than demand.

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